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Silly and Fun Educational Toy

“We have five year old twin boys so we were excited to receive our Silly Creatures K-boo Dad. Both boys played with Dad and really enjoyed learning about anatomy and physiology. It was really fun to explain the different body functions and to even show the heart! It definitely helps a child's fine motor skills as it takes some work to get the food into the mouth and through the digestive system (and out the back). One of the twins in particular liked that part. Depending on how advanced your child is, he or she will really like this as an educational toy - but it still does a great job serving as a fun/cute toy they'll like to carry around or have on their bed. “

David, Seattle WA

Kbeu, So Cute I Wanted One Too

“Just received my Kbeu and we love it. It is very cute, there is a nice story behind it (both in terms of the creators of Kbeu and the story of Kbeu). My son took it to a birthday party and we were lucky to leave with it (would have bought 2 if I knew how much the birthday boy liked it). Kbeu is like a cross between a Pet Rock and a dog. My son takes good care of it, making sure it gets enough to eat, and is have way too much fun dealing with the other end of things (once you buy one, you will understand). We are still having issues with Kbeu not needing water, but since the Kbeu food (provided with the Kbeu) is of different colors, he seems OK with not being able to feed it water too. So, why put Kbeu in between a Pet Rock and pet dog? It's cute and funny, like the Pet Rock, but fosters a sense of responsibility and maturity, as would taking on a living pet. My only suggestion to the Kbeu-Creators is to devote part of their website to user-generated stories about Kbeus and their ongoing adventures. My 4-year old already has stories about "Kbeu visits the desert", "Kbeu and the car ride", "Kbeu watches the trains" and (my least favorite) "Kbeu eats pizza.”

Eric, Carlsbad CA

Favorite Silly Toy

“What an adorable little silly creature. It's hard to describe what it looks like, to compare its look to an animal, but It has very unique and creative design that I had never found before, yet looks just so cute and feels so soft and nice. I love the quality of this product very much - very soft fleece, colorful and smooth rocks (it's food to feed and also what comes out through the other end). it's the quality that I can't easily find at stores that stock up bunch of low quality chinese products. My daughter recieved it as a gift for her 3rd birthday. but my 4 1/2 year old loves it as well. They love to feed the Kbeu and see what comes out through the other end. My 4 1/2 old puts her little message "I Love you, mommy" on a small paper and put it in the Kbeu's heart and makes me find it. It makes my day when she does that.”

Jung, Mill Creek WA


Cute, Cuddly K-BEU

“My 3 year old absolutely enjoys playing wit K-boo Dad. K-boo's size is perfect and can be taken anywhere. There is enough space for his bag of food to be stored in him with the rest of his organs. The organs are well sewn into place so you don't have to worry about losing pieces. The toy is great for fine motor skills. My 3 year old not only loves to feed K-boo rocks but sees if he can fit other objects of similiar size down his stomach to see them come out of the other end. It also gives him practice with counting. He likes to count the number of food items he feeds his creature in addition to the number of legs. So much fun and so cuddly too!”

Christine, Mill Creek WA


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