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Organic Party


a story by Simon and his Mom


“Tag, you’re it!” said the king of Kabida as he ran away toward the group of children in the playground.

The princess of Crayebsiea, Freeda, was about to take off and chase him back when she suddenly stumbled on a funny creature about the size of a small dog that looked like a colorful caterpillar. “I’m Opeeweirch, would you like to come to my playground?" screeched the Silly Creature.

“Ok, I don’t like to be it after all, Opeeweirch,” answered the princess as she followed it through an opening in the bushes right past a group of Kbeus and Crayebsies who were watching the game.

“This is my playground, I love the swing!” said Opeeweirch bouncing over the wood chips toward the tire swing. ”Push me, please!” he said as he jumped on it.


“Ok”, said the princess and she pushed the swing for a few minutes.“Can I have a turn now?” she asked.

“No!” said Opeeweirch. “This is my swing and only for me to play. You’re not allowed to play here.”

“But I really want a turn, Opeeweirch,” said the princess as she walked away. “Boo-hoo!”

“Stay, I want to play!” said Opeeweirch zooming around the frightened princess who was now rushing out of the playground. “Ouch!” she bumped into the king of Kabida, who was being chased by the prince of Crayebsiea, and the three of them landed on top of Opeeweirch.

“You’re it, you’re it, you’re it!” Opeeweirch tagged each one of them.

“Who’s this thing not following the rules?” asked the king of Kabida. “We’re rescuing the princess now, and nobody will play with you.”

“But I want to play!” said Opeeweirch lowering his head. “I promise to be nice.”

“Let’s build a house with these logs and branches,” said the prince of Crayebsiea.

“Yes!” all the kids, Kbeus and Crayebsies agreed, and they all happily played together. Opeeweirch helped too and became nice.


                                              The End


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